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Monday, April 6, 2015

Head Up in the Sky, Honestly

My latest work is all about the fantastical imagination, expression and desire of toddlers. I'm constantly thankful for getting the chance to spend so much time with such magical and unabashedly honest creatures. It takes time to win the trust of a child so when I'm able to capture a moment of their true character, it melts my heart. 

I could say this a gazillion times...I never bore of learning from kids. They are so inspiring, reminding me to never take anything for granted and always be myself - it's the only way to success and making real connections.

These two gems I found from Facebook casting. I put a call out looking for 2-4 year olds who were "extremely expressive" and had an incredible amount of parents sharing fabulous photos of their kids losing it, laughing, and generally being awesome.

The first little gentleman is two years old and his name is Ayaan. He loves to jump from big heights and generally thinks his dad is the coolest dude ever. His mom is a strength & fitness competitor and has all the tough to handle this ball of attitude and smarts!

The second little guys name is Lennox. He's also two years old and is part Japanese and Irish. This is evident in is fiery red hair and very almond-shaped eyes. His mom who, who is a yogi, claims his calm demeanour is a direct correlation to the amount of yoga she did during pregnancy and after. He is polite and actually listens when you speak to him like a grown-up. Inquisitive and understanding, a rare combination in a toddler! 

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