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Monday, December 8, 2014

Precedent Magazine Cover Story

I had the privilege to pump my brand of created sunshine all over these stoked & happy lawyers in the studio with Precedent Magazine & talented Designer Gilbert Li . With the collaboration of Associate Editor Braden Alexander, we whipped up some warmth and laughs for these shining lawyers who dig their jobs, almost as much as I dig mine when I get a project like this!

Little insider: the handsome fella on the cover is amazing dual lawyer/drummer Paul Banwatt from the incredible band The Rural Alberta Avdantage! Go check out their tunes...the judicial world is likely going to lose Paul to the talents of his music permanently in the near future...

Designer: Gilbert Li
Editor: Melissa Kluger
Associate Editor: Braden Alexander
Makeup/Hair: Vanessa Monteith & Shawna Lee
Writer: John Lorinc
Assistants: Jason Gordon & Denise Militzer

You can read part of the article here:

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