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Monday, September 10, 2012

Photographers Who Know How to Share

Photographers are awesome.

They are like siblings who actually know how to share. Work, Clients, ideas, tricks, techniques, gear, laughs, whatever.  It's a symbiotic sharsies thing happening and those with confidence in who they are and what they are doing, are more than stoked to open up and do it.

Recently, I was shooting at Toronto Botanical Gardens in North Toronto and ran into the ├╝ber talented Sean Sprague. Turns out we had booked the exact same location, right accross from one another.

We shared nicley.
Except for the fact I  might need to Photoshop his softbox out of a few...

An outake from my angle....

And Sean's  stunning, final shot. Talented and insightful hair/makeup artist Sheri Stroh who has been sharing her fight with cancer.

While we crossed paths :)

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