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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gettin' Noticed - Charm 'Em With Balloons

There's always talk about Art Directors, Print Producers and Buyers tired of the same old overload of promos that usually just end up in the recycling bin... In response, I wanted to do something a little extra charming to keep that from happening.

Photographers and Illustrators put a lot of effort into getting noticed and I wanted to share the behind the scenes love that goes into that whole process. With the help of some amazing friends and colleagues, we rented a helium tank and attached 150 balloons individually to my latest tissue-paper-wrapped-postcard. Most were left with receptionists, who gracefully obliged to link with their receivers. To some, I had the chance to hand deliver which was a treat. A week long event and the results were wicked fun. WHO DOESN'T LOVE GETTING A BALLOON?!

                   Here's a wee 2 minute behind the scenes GoPro time lapse from snippets of the process:

The lovely Alexis Victor over at Young & Rubicam sent us a photo as she thought our balloons livened up the creative department.

And thanks to Zeeshan Hussain at Draft FCB who did the same via Instagram.

Some behind the scenes photos of my studio blossoming with balloons and the crew at work!

Thank you to a crew of greats for making it happen with ease:  Studio Mate, Interdisciplinary Artist & Author; Patricia Kambitsch. Studio Mate & Innovator; Peter Jones. Rep of Goodness; Pamela Hamilton, Bicycle Aficionado; Cheryl Jean. Nurse Extraordinaire; Julie Brazeau. Designer & Illustrator; Ibraheem Youssef. Mom & Dad.