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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oodles of Bras for Wonderbra

I've been shooting Wonderbra for Rapp & Tribal DDB for the last few years. The Wonderbra ladies are dream Clients to work with as they fly in from Montreal shoot day [usually on the red-eye], make fast decisions, put up with an exhaustively-long shoot day and always see our vision even when there is tape, wire and all kinds of paraphernalia poking out of their products, hiding what will ultimately be the final realization of a perfect bra.

We've been shooting the bras on Judy dummies and last time I had asked if maybe, just maybe we could have some real flesh to put these over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders on?! Research has shown that women in the Wonderbra demographic would prefer to just see the bras in all their fabric & lace glory, sans busts... An interesting challenge as every time we've gone into the studio, it's been days of prep to fluff, fill and plump the bras/mannequins/body molds to look like they're boasting real breasts.

The talented and meticulous Stylist Christina Yan has been making invisible boobs look great on the last couple shoots. She knows how to take stuffing, tape, gel inserts and all things non-boob like and make life happen, cup-size.

Here's a few shots from our last stint in the studio, teamed up with Art Director Ciara O'Meara, an ex-pat from Ireland who joined the Toronto team last year:

Here are some from the earliest shoots with AD's Natasha Witkke and Jessica Lee:

Behind the scenes:

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