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Friday, January 21, 2011


Recently shot this for a Filmmaker friend of mine Scott Scheirich. He just finished a short called "Determined" based on the true story of a woman named Melissa McCormick.

We created the films' poster with this first image and then decided to do a before and after concept piece polarizing the emotional journey of a woman looking for psychological stability and fighting to find her center again. Makeup Artist Lyz Plant did a beautiful job on recreating the scratches and bruises with impeccable reality. Actor Jennifer Polansky was able to produce tears on command with a gentleness I've never seen before. Click on the before/after image to see a larger version. 

P.s. There's a new assistant in town Thomas Dagg. He came out to help on the beauty shoot and introduce himself. Hire him, he's a great!

Here's the trailer for the film:

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