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Monday, October 2, 2017

Children's Hospital of Orange County

We had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with the Children's Hospital of Orange County and agency Amusement Park on a billboard campaign. The purpose was to showcase the hard work of all the pediatric experts involved,  and most of all, showcase their strong patients who are battling childhood cancer.

Our challenge here, was a minimal amount of time at the hospital and an even smaller window of time with the inspiring kids and their nurses who jumped off the hospital floor to be part of this [and then went back to work], incredible. We spent a bit of time getting to know their story while they were prepped in makeup/hair by the ever-incredible and warm hearted, Donna Gast . It was an emotional day when the heart of stories were told, so a few tears took background to the courageous kids and the forward motion of the shoot. Creative Director Jim Riddle wanted an influential strength to come forward for this campaign. Everyone involved in beating cancer are STRONG and we were stoked to capture this attitude, together.

Luckily, we had a team of giving people who hustled and pitched in at every angle, even when it was outside their job description. Namely... my husband, Kris King offered his time to Produce this and put in a TON of hours to make it all happen. Account Director from Amusement Park Jeff Warford and CD Jim Riddle were sourcing and setting up hospital gear and anything we could get from the hospital floor to create our mini sets. Nick Leadley was on digital capture, keeping things cruising and First Assistant Daniel Bray was quick-changing our lighting setup, making things pop right even when we were confined to the tiniest of rooms and set-up time. Donna Gast, I can't say enough about how much she brought to the honor and constant pleasure to work with her xx

This crew brought every ounce of good will anyone could ever ask for so thank you all on the 'hustle for good.

Here's the story below and some BTS from this young woman, Sydney Sigafus...a brilliant light. Some video and snaps her Dad took so you can see her dynamic spirit in action. Syd's  exceptional nurse, Mary Green is also something of an effervescent being and the two together and their incredible bond was something to see.

Her parents Dave and Patti have been leading their own campaign for strength, supporting the tough and vivacious nature of their [seriously] funny and sparkling daughter. She was an all-star basketball player, on her way up to the top when a pain in her hip turned out to be a tumor. She can seriously spin a basketball with ease and her determination is nothing short of super star in every way.

I'm with you Syd!!!


  1. It is simply incredible that within 10 minutes of meeting Sydney you were able to capture her so perfectly. Your expertise, patience, kindness and warm heart made this shoot a once in a lifetime opportunity for all three of us. Thank you Kerry. We will be forever grateful and wish you success and happiness always... Dave & Patti #sydstrong

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